The Story

In 2016, after taking a sabbatical year and moving to Miami Beach, Elsa and Julian,  a couple of busy young entrepreneurs unearthed a small, little-known supplement brand that was available only in niche markets.     
With the help of experts in the field, they carefully selected and created a special collection of potent natural formulas they had been dreaming for years but hadn’t been able to find.                                 
Simple but powerful natural formulations crafted with scientifically researched ingredients to target routine health setbacks.
The endless and confusing supplement shopping days were over.


We believe nature is the answer

Everything that we need to maintain a healthy life can be  found in nature,                                             it’s the job of science to find it. 
Passionate about nutrition, we created Palo to craft and formulate high quality supplements from herbs and ingredients across the world. Straight from our lab in Sunrise, Florida, we incorporate the latest science and better practices to originate potent, natural formulas that go far beyond mass supplements in today’s market. We do the work so you don't have to worry about a thing. 
We do the work so you don't have to worry about a thing. 
We believe that the effectiveness of our formulas depends on the quality of our processes. Each formula is designed by holistic practitioners and validated by a team of scientists. We also take special care in quality assurance measures and standards that are implemented at every stage of manufacturing -  from sourcing raw materials to production and finished goods testing.
It is s our mission to provide the very best day in and out, because if it’s not the best it won’t do it.