Why Palo

noun pa·lo \ ˈpa(ˌ)lō, ˈpä(-\
Meaning: from Spanish, stick, tree, bark
Origin: from Latin palus

Palo pays homage to the ancient medicinal and spiritual healers who believed in the power of plants and minerals to cure human maladies. For them, all natural objects, and particularly sticks, were infused with healing powers. By using plants as medicine and as a central part of many rituals, these healers were the true pioneers 
of modern medicine.

For us, Palo symbolizes the idea that everything that we need to maintain good health is provided by nature. In the modern era we have the science to back up ancient wisdom, and Palo is dedicated to providing you with simple and effective solutions to improve your health in all its facets. After all, nutrition shouldn't be complicated.