4 Powerful Herbs and Roots for a Natural Liver Detox


Your liver works hard to keep your body clean and toxin free. Isn’t it time you showed it some love? A natural liver detox with organic herbs is one of the best and safest ways to get your cleanse on.


Our livers have it rough. Not only are they responsible for taking care of all the dirty work in our bodies, but then we turn around and treat them like punching bags to boot. Sure, it’s a tough organ, but even the liver needs a break now and again. This is especially because it’s responsible for cleaning up all of our messes and bearing the brunt of all of our bad habits. And we’re not just talking about alcohol.


Here are just a few of our favorite things that our livers could do without:


  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Many types of OTC and prescription drugs
  • Foods high in fat
  • Foods high in salt
  • Overeating
  • Saturated Fats


Unless you’re an absolute nutrition nut with Terminator-like resolve, you probably have a number of these vices in your life. If you’ve never done a natural liver detox before, it means that your liver is in desperate need of a vacation.


Instead of spending all your money on sugary detox drinks that are more marketing mumbo-jumbo than anything else, take the natural detox route by taking a natural detox root (and some herbs too!).


4 Ingredients for a Natural Liver Detox


You can eat all the fruits and veggies and drink all the water you want, but there are certain things that the liver loves more than the rest. If you want to do right by your liver, give it the natural liver detox it deserves by incorporating these herbs and roots into your diet.


Milk Thistle


Don’t go plucking these flowers and mixing them into your salad or you’ll get a prickly surprise (ouch!). Instead, find a supplement made from the seeds of the milk thistle. These seeds are full of a supercharged antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient called silymarin.


Silymarin has been used for years to improve liver health, and studies have shown that it promotes cell repair and provides relief from many liver conditions such as jaundice, cirrhosis, fatty liver disease, and even liver cancer.


Phyllanthus Amarus


This herb has a name like a decorated Roman general, and that’s only fitting, as phyllanthus amarus is a stoic protector of the liver. Taking this supplement is like putting armor around your liver that protects it against toxicity. Not only that, but it has also been shown to reverse damage done by alcohol and to treat fatty liver disease. That’s one herb we want on our side (our insides, to be exact).




So spicy, so tasty, so versatile. Ginger can do so much for our bodies, but when it comes to liver health, this root really digs in. It is widely recognized that ginger can treat and even prevent fatty liver disease with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers. But that’s just where it gets started. Ginger can also protect the liver from damage and degeneration caused by liver fibrosis. To top it off, parasites found in human and animal livers can be fought off with treatments containing ginger.




Ginger and phyllanthus amarus do a lot to protect and restore the liver, but turmeric comes in to lighten its load. Introducing turmeric into the diet makes it much easier for the liver to flush out toxins. It also increases the production of bile (needed to digest food), which makes the liver’s job simpler.


Turmeric has been shown to repair damage done to the liver due to alcohol consumption, so next time you have a rowdy night, make sure to keep some turmeric on hand for the morning!


Finding the Right Natural Liver Detox Supplement


Now that you’re ready to show your liver the time of its life, you need to make sure you can give it all the good stuff it wants in the most responsible way. It shouldn’t be too much work for you, and it has to be sustainable. The easiest way is to take a natural liver detox supplement daily. Choose a detox supplement that contains all of the above ingredients to make sure your liver is ready for whatever you throw at it next.